School Charter membership:

The first membership is a "study group  membership"  This membership is generally for Schools and their students, that would like to study the art of "Midori Kazoku Bushi Jujutsu" under our direction. Follow our guidelines and attain rank. This members are expected to wear our Federation Patch and to follow our testing requirements. 

Supporting membership:

The second membership is a "supporting membership". This membership is for individuals who are not interested in studying the art under our direction. Want to attain rank in their style as a individual.

It is important to understand that membership does not include rank of any kind. Your card is for membership only rank maybe earned but is not given automatically. 

Membership fees United States currency only.

School membership:  ($350.00), one time cost, individual students ($15.00) to be renewed of each new year. 

Individual supporting membership:  ($150.00) to be renewed for ($35.00), of each new year.

With your membership you'll receive an official membership card with patch and lapel pin, information and dates of any seminars or promotions!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.