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Midori Kazoku Bushi Jujutsu Kamon (Blood Patch).

Bushikan Dojo has classes available in Jujutsu and Kenpo our goal is to always have a safe and rewarding experience on the tatami. To gain powerful martial skills that will enrich your entire life. 

Midori Kazoku Bushi Jujutsu was founded in 1986, the art is fifty percent standing and fifty percent ground.  The styles principles are Contact, Capture, Control. This is a combat art and does not contain sporting elements. Contact Mr. Greene for class hours.  Please serious inquiries only!


 The WWMAF has a special division known as Hakucho Kenpo Karate, this is a founder ship art.  Kaiso Rick Greene studied the Chinese White Crane and the Kenpo Karate arts for many years.  This is a combat art and does not  contain sport elements as found in most Karate styles today, Please serous inquires only!

  Midori Kazoku Bushi Jujutsu is a recognize style of the All Japan Budo Association founder Rick Greene

Proud Life Member, contact  Mr. Greene for membership information.


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